• The UNIST Climate Environment Modeling Laboratory (UCEM) is one of the climate laboratory in Urban and Environmental Engineering (UEE) in UNIST. Our major research interests are separated by major three parts as improvement of prediction system in climate, development of the numerical dynamics model and investigation of climate variability as diurnal cycle of precipitation, Tropical storms and artic oscillation. To get these science goal, UCEM develops the numerical models for the global and regional scales. We also investigate and develop the physical parameterizations for convective, radiation, urban canopy and land surface schemes. For increasing effective of researches, we have cooperated with advanced and various international institutions such as NASA, KMA, KIAPS, NIMR.
  • - Seasonal prediction :Sea-ice, future climate in urban area
    - Development of numerical model : Convection scheme, Earth system model
    - Climate variability : Diurnal cycle, Tropical storms
UNIST-gil 50, Ulsan 44919, Republic of Korea, Bldg.110, 1003-2
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E-mail: milee@unist.ac.kr


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