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GloSea Introduction

The Korean Meteorological Administration (KMA) has been collaborating with the United Kingdom Met Office for the past years to develop comprehensive and reliable operational forecast systems that cover from the short-range weather to seasonal time scale, and even to the climate projection of multiple decades.
For seasonal prediction, the Global Seasonal Forecasting System version 4 (GloSea4) developed by the Met Office Hadley Center (Arribas et al. 2011) has been imported. A series of hindcasts experiments for the past 14 years (1996-2009) has been conducted at the local supercomputer at KMA.
The performances of the seasonal prediction system currently under evaluation using the hindcast dataset produced from the experiments, with a special focus on the East Asian region.
History of Unified Model development at UK and the positioning of GloSea4. (An image from the UKMO website)
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